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I Am a Town

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I Am a Town


Shari Smith's roots reach into the Midwest and spread under the Mason-Dixon line into the heart of Dixie. She draws on both in this collection of heartwarming stories that originated on her blog, Gunpowder, Cowboy Boots, and Mascara. With the compassion of an old soul, irreverent wit, her North Carolina vernacular, and a little off-color language, Shari takes the reader into "her country," the small town of Claremont, North Carolina and a mystical land in Alabama called Waterhole Branch. Holding nothing back, she explores the sensitive issues of a rural community, the creative minds of the music and literary world, and how a small town's tragedy can affect a nation.

Smith writes with equal insight into the lives of ordinary folks who meet each morning at the Claremont Cafe as well as the prize-winning writers and musicians who gather at her century-old farmhouse. Her world is populated with beloved dogs, horses, children, neighbors, and a bunch of crazy artist-types. All are "her people" — and people you'll want to know.

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