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A four-year-old boy with a rare glandular malfunction, a genius IQ, and uncanny telepathic power is the catalyst that creates this compulsively readable novel of dual personality and psychological possession. What is at the core of Damon’s unique affliction?

Damon is a “once in a lifetime case” for psychiatrist Dr. Kyle Burnette, colleague psychoneurologist Dr. Ted Drinkwater, and nurse Betty Snider. In psychotherapy, Burnette discovers a mature, sensual, menacing alter ego in Damon, an extremely rare occurrence in so young a child. Concurrently, the glandular malfunction seems to be causing Damon’s young body to mature sexually to the level of a grown man’s.

What are the true sources of Damon’s strange seizures, his breathtakingly accurate reading of Dr. Burnette’s mind, and the increasing menace of his behavior?

In the tradition of great psychological mysteries such as Sybil and The Three Faces of Eve, Damon is a story based on the bizarre but medically impeccable fact.

300 pages

6x9 softback

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