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“Tell Bo Taylor I’m coming.”

That was only the first threat the voice on the phone made after reciting a chilling poem of hate. But Bo Taylor was dead. The respected sheriff of Thomas County had been mourned by everyone in the Georgia town where his son Brad had agreed to come and take over his father’s duties. It was a peaceful community, free of crime and violence. A perfect place to bring his family, to raise his children.

But a vengeful stranger appeared, bent on destroying Bo Taylor. Who was he? What was his relationship to the dead man? Before anyone could answer these questions, the entire Taylor family became his prey, as this brilliantly calculating madman struck suddenly, kidnapping Brad’s children.

Plunged into an unrelenting nightmare, Brad and his wife are pushed to unravel 40-year-old dark secrets from Bo Taylor’s past—secrets that force Brad to face some shocking truths about both his father and himself … before time runs out and a murderer’s burning need for revenge is unleashed upon his helpless hostages.

With searing understanding of good and evil in the human heart, this superbly crafted novel of psychological suspense takes you into the mind of a killer—and on a journey through madness and terror that will keep you riveted to every shocking page.

314 pages

6x9 softback

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