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“The girl’s terror was mesmerizing, the menace of the assailant unmistakable. He showed the camera the blade, light reflecting off the serrated edge. Suddenly, the blade slashed, blood flew …”

It was a movie—but not make-believe. The horror was real, and the spectators knew without a shadow of doubt that their idyllic Colorado mountain resort of Gatlin Pass was both the hunting ground and the hiding place for a ring of snuff filmmakers who preyed on tourists and teenagers.

Newspaperman Gary Colter watched the film to its bloody finale—but his interest was not prurient. His own daughter was mysteriously missing. When a vicious renegade was captured, Colter’s search for the monsters did not end. He was sure that there was another man still at large—a man holding his daughter in nightmare bondage.

With his acclaimed novel Prey, C. Terry Cline, Jr., established himself in the first rank of spellbinding storytellers. Now with this blood-chilling exploration of human violence and the forces that shape it, he achieves a new high in tension and action. Quarry is a taut, page-turner about the power of evil and the strength of a father’s love that you will not soon forget.

324 pages

6x9 softback

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