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The Cordoba Connection

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The Cordoba Connection


Gabriel Cohen, a dishonorably discharged American soldier, is convinced that Islam is a threat to the American way of life and must be stopped. He’s also convinced that he has conversations with his dead wife Leah, who’s last words as the Towers fell were of forgiveness.

Gabriel is beheading Muslim leaders to draw attention to this Islamic threat—but the nation is ignoring these acts of a crazy man. So Gabriel decides to up the ante and do something impossible to ignore.

Ben Mansur, author and retired detective, is an authority on hate crimes. Ben resists getting involved with Gabriel’s senseless acts—until his wife, a professor of Islamic studies at Emery University, and their children are kidnapped by the killer.

Ben finds himself faced with a dilemma he can’t solve and has no choice but to rescue his family before Gabriel kills them. But where are they and how will he find them? Can he get to them in time to save them?

6x9 hardback with dustjacket - 319 pages

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